Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Freedom Is Not Free

I am currently in my last week of work. I put in my two weeks notice and quit my job a while back. And by quit my job I mean I mean I quit one of my 5 jobs.

No, that is not an exaggeration.
For the last 7 months I have been working  5 jobs. What are they?
I work a few days a week at a toy store.
I work 3-5 nights a week at a pizzeria.
I do event planning and children's programs at a pottery studio.
I do computer work for my old job Go van Gogh.
andddd then there's the jewelry and The Morose Bee.

Oh, also I have to dedicate several hours a week to Roller Derby, practicing my violin, and gee I dunno...maybe sleeping on occasion? Not to mention going to the grocery store or doing laundry are rare, if ever, events. I have so many jobs because living in Boston is expensive, I'm a low paid hourly employee at almost all of them and need as many hours as I can get, and my boyfriend is in law school and is unable to provide any income other than his student loans.

About 2 weeks ago. I completely lost it. The lack of sleep, the stress, the lack of time to just sit on my ass and veg out every now and then, the working all of the time an not even having any money to show for it, not spending any time with boyfriend, not ever doing anything social. I was on my way home and I was running late. It had started to snow and I was wearing open toed shoes (I had no idea it was going to snow) and as I sat there cold and miserable waiting over an hour for the bus, I just lost it. I ran into a nearby ATM to just be able to be inside somewhere and thaw out and I just cried my little Florida heart out.

That's right, I cried inside one of these places. Yes, I looked like an idiot, but you'll just have to deal with me.
I wasn't really crying for any one reason. I was just cold and exhausted and sad. There. I said it. I'm sad.
I have been living in this great wonderful city of Boston and have yet to do much of anything in it because I'm working 16 hours a day on average. Not to mention the fact that I'm just totally drained, but can you blame me? While sitting in the lovely ATM kiosk, I decided to quit my night job. That's 30 hours a week I'm taking back for myself! Horray!

In an ideal world, my jewelry would be my income and that would just be the end of it, but sales didn't really pan out that way. However, how can I expect The Morose Bee to be my full time job if I don't devote full time hours to it? You can only get out of something what you put into it and I'm hoping my new free time will result in a better shop and better products.  I've had so many ideas for TMB and I haven't even had the time because of how crazy things have been for me .

I'm looking forward to having the time to see more of Boston.
I'm looking forward to being able to cook dinner again.
I'm looking forward to have the time to read a book now and then.
I'm looking forward to actually have time to spend with Ari.
I'm looking forward to helping The Morose Bee grow and become a better business with better jewelry designs and just generally being happier and less stressed out.


  1. <3 I know how you're feeling, Emily! Money's a bitch, and expensive cities make it so much worse...I miss you and I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I'm SO glad you quit that night job!!!!!! Call me sometime when you're not busy. :-]

  2. Aww, hang tough!! If I had seen you crying in an ATM kiosk I would have patted you on the back. Which might have creeped you out but whatever xp

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!