Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eyegasm- Peter Pan Party Time

I took a two hour nap today which totally threw off my sleep schedule so now I am browsing the internet in the wee hours of the morning while Ari snores peacefully in the bedroom. Lucky him. However, in my zombie like state I stumbled across the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!

This little chica's awesome Peter Pan Party!

Peter Pan is one of my favorite books (despite how incredibly creepy of a man J.M. Barrie was) and I really want to have a Peter Pan themed party after seeing these sweet photos. A children's themed party would be appropriate for a 22 year old's party? No? Gah, this little cutie has the most amazing crafty mom ever!

Guests of this party also received the sweetest goody bag ever...TREASURE CHESTS!

You can check out the full details of this party here at Swoon Studio

I am off to try and maybe get a bit of sleep..or...maybe to lurk craft blogs some more........


  1. I am so jealous of this little girl its not even funny

  2. oh i adore her costume! the boy disney characters are so much more interesting and i love when girls dress up as them. i always wanted to dress up like mowgli, but my mom said no. makes sense hah (:

  3. mowgli is awesome! although a girl dressing in only a red loincloth could go bad pretty quickly...

  4. oh so cute! i don't think 22 would be too old for a peter pan party! just pretend you are in never never land :-)