Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie Monday

I'm starting to worry that I am much too obscure with Movie Monday clues! It's so much fun for me when people are guessing away so don't be shy! Even if you're unsure throw your answer out there.

Last monday's movie was...... PULP FICTION

If you're wondering what my clues had to do with a movie, here are a few shots that related to my clues:

Also, this has absolutely nothing to do with my clues, but if you've seen Pulp Fiction this is frakkin'  HILARIOUS

Okay guys I'm looking for a winner winner chicken dinner this week so here we go again. Use these awesome and fun Etsy items that all point to a movie as your clues! Post the movie title you think these clues relate to in a comment along with some contact info.

etsy seller: closetcaseVNTG

etsy seller: PosterPop

etsy seller: GenevieveWoodford

etsy seller: Szeya

etsy seller: somegirlsvintage


  1. I knows it! But I would feel bad if I won again! Hope someone else gets it soon :)