Monday, March 21, 2011

Movie Monday Answer

Last week's Movie Monday answer was Clueless! We finally had another winner who has chosen the carrot necklace as their prize. Here's a few images based  on my clues to refresh your memory:

This week, I was putting together a few images and it felt very inappropriate considering recent world events. What happened over a week ago in Japan is so horrible I could only look at enough footage to know that it happened and I had to end it there. I can't watch the news, I can't read articles about it, I can't do anything. It's just too horrible. I decided the right thing to do this week was feature a selection of wonderful Etsy sellers who are donating portions or their profits to Relief to Japan. Some of these items are a mere $10! Only $10 for Japan and you still get something in return. 

etsy seller: soradesigns

etsy seller: happygolicky

etsy seller: clareyclayworks

etsy seller: WhoDoesntWantThat
etsy seller: ElephantDancing

etsy seller: TheVoyagers

etsy seller: coffeedoglover

etsy seller: gabrielefelt

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  1. What a great collection! You found some wonderful pieces (some already among my favorites)! Thanks for including mine!