Thursday, February 10, 2011

Packing for a Craft Show

Okay first of all, MY NEW BLOG LAYOUT IS AMAZING! Kaehla from Little Chief Honeybee revamped the whole thing for me and I love it. Her blog is so much fun to read and her design work is fantastic.

So I've been getting ready to leave for Florida and have been packing all day. Packing for a craft show is tricky because you never know EVERYTHING you'd need in any given situation especially without experience. The craft shows I've been doing over the last year have been GREAT experience, but I am going to be doing my first craft show this weekend IN ANOTHER STATE. That means packing everything I'll need for a craft show in my suitcase. Not much of a easy task. Obviously what you'll need greatly varies depending on your type of business, but here is what I would consider The Morose Bee's Ultimate Craft Show Packing List

All merchandise priced ahead of time
Any product information signs necessary
Paper bags and packing material for purchased necklaces
Extra material to make price tags if needed
The Morose Bee stamp to stamp any paper products with company name
Booth signs (if you have them)
Brochures/Business cards/informational material
Slips to fill out for giveaways along with jar for slip entry (I do giveaways at all my craft shows)
Extra paper and pens for writing
Rubber bands
Stapler and staples
Tape - scotch, masking, duct, packing
String/fishing wire
Small change (lots of ones!)
Cell phone
Charge/credit slips
Receipt book/sales book
Directions and show set up info
Pliers/wire cutters/tools for correcting any jewelry breakages that occur during travel
Extra chain, clasps, jewelry supplies
Necklace stand and table props
A garbage bag
Paper towels
Snacks (power bars, nuts, cookies, things that arent too messy)
Water bottle, coffee (total must for me in the morning)
Hand lotion and/or sunscreen
Hand sanitizer 
Camera with extra batteries
Table and chairs (if required to provide your own)
Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat (if it's an outdoor show)
Tent with weights for the wind and tarp (if it's an outdoor show)

Obviously this list can vary greatly from show to show depending on whether or not its indoor or outdoor or what the length of the show is etc, etc. For this show I'm making a few exceptions:
My Inventory: I've decided to only bring jewelry. No ornaments, no crayons, no vintage items. I've also decided to not bring a bunch of extra stuff. I usually bring a ton of stuff that never actually end up using so I'm only bringing what I'm actually going to be setting on the table. My jewelry is going to be my carry on items for the flight. I'm using my plastic jewelry bin as my hand held carry on and putting the excess in a small cardboard box in my backpack. I'm nervous that if I might my jewelry in my checked bag it will break in transport.

My Table Decorations: I usually bring colorful bins that I flip upside down and display jewelry on top of, but there just isn't room for me to bring them all....or any of them. This show is supposed to be Valentine's Day themed so I'm bringing a cloth heart banner and I purchased pink tissue paper so I can find miscellaneous items (perhaps a cardboard box) to wrap and use on my table instead. I've also decided not to bring my mason jars or any kind of cup or bowls for display. Luckily I'll be staying with my parents so I hope I can gather as many things as possible while I'm there to reduce my packing. My table may not be perfectly coordinated, but I'd rather not pay to check 4 bags. 

My Personal Items: I'm packing as minimally as possible and planning on wearing only dresses all weekend. It will be roughly 70 degrees in Florida all weekend so wearing dress with mean minimal fabric and more space in my suitcase!

 So now let's see if we can fit it all in a suitcase along with everything else, eh?

Oh wait... I forgot the part where I'm going to a baby shower while I'm there and my suitcase is mostly full of gifts.

After a few hours of packing and rearranging and going over my list again and again to think of something I've forgotten....

Huzzah! One suitcase and two small carryon items!

I'm so relieved that Retro Indie Market is providing a table and chairs and no I don't bring a laptop or any electronic equipment to my shows. Not heavy to cart around the big items like that is definitely a huge relief. 

I hope to see you all there!

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