Saturday, February 19, 2011

Faux Fireplace Lust

So I've been reading Ohdeedoh and other design blogs like crazy. Ari and I are most likely going to be renewing the lease on this apartment and I'd really like to spend the next year making this a more homey place. Ari only likes things are purely functional, but I want a faux fireplace so bad! Look how cute these are:

I know exactly where it would go in our apartment. A little mantle with a chalkboard flame and plushie log pillows--HOW CUTE!

I've even assembled it all on Etsy!

etsy seller: paintedcottages

It's nothing that we could afford right now, but every time I look at the little space on the wall where it could go I get excited. It's kind of like the feeling of seeing a blank patch of skin where you want a new tattoo and getting giddy about getting it done. 

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