Sunday, January 9, 2011

Movie Monday

Okay guys, guess the correct movie title based on the clues from these awesome Etsy items. Leave the movie title in a comment along with your contact info and win anything you want in my shop!

etsy seller: alexandragrecco

etsy seller: MorganaFemmeCouture

etsy seller: Glamrockgoth

etsy seller: sandmaidensleepwear

etsy seller: CottonTimes

etsy seller: knickerocker

etsy seller: Vintage50sEyewear

etsy seller: dorianadolphin

etsy seller: seriousbeader


  1. Is it The Rocky Horror Picture Show? I flippin' love that film!

  2. yes it is!

    you can send me your name and address to themorosebee(at) along with whatever item you want from my shop!

  3. I am a sausage and have only just seen this - sooorrryyy! Will email you now :)