Saturday, January 1, 2011

Back in Boston!

I'm finally home and feel like I can catch up on things! Being stuck in Florida was kind of nice because I got to work at Go van Gogh a little bit and be a part of the new studio! I'm really happy now to be home and am rushing around like a maniac trying to get back on track. The first day I was home someone told me my glasses were "wicked cute" and I felt much better.  I made a little video to send out to Go van Gogh customers about our progress, but I thought I would share it here considering I busted my butt all week painting.

Now that I'm home I finally have some new jewelry to share as well. I 've been planning on making Rainbow Necklaces for a while and the wonderful news of Don't Ask Don't Tell being repealed just seemed like perfect time to get these guys up on Etsy! But hey, the gay population doesn't own the rights to rainbows. As an artistic person I love them for obvious reason or some people just thing rainbows are pretty neat!

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