Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weekly Wishlist- Winterlust

I've been scrambling to get ready for Bazaar Bizarre and I've been holding back on posting new jewelry as to keep a solid inventory for both Etsy and my craft table. As I rush about town trying to make sure I'm prepared for this weekend, the cold weather is starting to creep into my daily life. As a Floridian, you don't really think about how the cold changes your daily routine and yet I find myself needing several new articles of clothing and going through an insane about of chapstick. So I decided to post the Florida's Girls Guide to Surviving the New England Winter. I don't think people who live in snowy climates realize that people who have never experienced winter have no idea what to do. I have never before even thought about needing to keep my EARS warm. I mean, my EARS?!?!  So here is my wishlist for surviving the next few month's of my life.

Well first there is a basic jacket, of course. This one by LittleHouses and simple while still being very stylish.

In Florida, scarves tend to be more for fashion than any real practical need, but apparently your neck actually gets cold in Boston wind. Who knew? Seller: ailisfinlay

Yeah then there's that ears thing. I mean some days if I forget a hat, I have to walk with my hands over my ears to keep them warm on my walk home. A thick ear warming headband like this from buttercupbeadshop is great.

Tights! Even when you have on pants, sometimes you still need the extra under layer of tights. Seller: post

I have discovered the glory of knee socks since the cold weather has started. They're warm and soft and feel so wonderful all squishy in your boots layered over nice thick tights.  Modcloth

I never owned a pair of gloves until last month and now I have a pair permanently in my purse. Modcloth

One thing I never really thought about was shoes. I've gone through  a lot of shoes and the serious winter hasnt even kicked yet because of all of the moister. You need thick, water resistant shoes. No flats, sandals, cloth, or moccasins allowed in Boston. Modcloth

I bring coffee, tea, or cider with me EVERYWHERE. Walking around with a nice warm mug clutched between your cold figers is such sweet relief. Having a cute mug like this hand painted one from sewZinski doesn't hurt either. 

Zero humidity is a strange new concept to my skin. I put on lotion like three times a day now. Vegan lotion from seller ThyLocalOrganicPagan

I'm pretty sure everyone is Boston buys chapstick by the bucket load. You sort of have to when you need it 20 times a day. And pumpkin pie vegan lip gloss with whip cream filling? Yum! Seller: HowardsHome

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