Monday, December 13, 2010

Movie Monday

Okay, here's how it works in case you need a refresher:
Check out these clues made up of great items from Etsy sellers and tell me what movie they all correspond to. First correct answer posted in a comment wins an items of your choice from my shop! Make sure to provide contact info!

etsy seller: ME2Designs

etsy seller: sallyboyle

etsy seller: katiekansas

etsy seller: littlebitfunky

etsy seller: MissVioletLace

etsy seller: nokomomo

etsy seller: Samskiart


  1. Ok, this is admittedly a pretty out-there guess, but is it this movie from the 70's called Just A Gigolo?

    my reasoning: it stars David Bowie, takes place in germany and has him seducing laddies (blonde chick, shiny underwear thingy?)

    I tried

  2. haha i have never heard of this movie, but it sounds fantastic.

    but alas, no that is not the answer.