Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly Wishlist- Denny Crane Style

Ari and I have a new little addition to our family! Our new baby hedgehog Denny Crane, The Destroyer of Worlds. He's still a bit skiddish and nervous so it's tough to get a picture of him, but here he is....

He's named, obviously after William Shatner's character on Boston Legal

We figured we'd name our tiny little prickly man after a tiny little prickly man. Fitting, no?

So as with all my obsessions, I came home and typed "hedgehog" into Etsy's search engine. Here are a few of my favorite finds for The Morose Bee Weekly Wishlist.

etsy seller: edisonrex

etsy seller: collageOrama

etsy seller: fliepsiebieps

etsy seller: NBDesigns

etsy seller: CozyCoffee

etsy seller: geekchicboutique

etsy seller: stevester 

etsy seller: lulubugjewelry 

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