Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekly Wishlist- Alice

I watched a version of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland simply titled Alice or Něco z Alenky in Czech. Aesthetically, the film is quite interesting...err... if you like foreign films that are creepy as hell.

First there is this creepy little chick who has no real lines in the movie. Just being creepy really well.

 Then there's the mouse that nails a camp fire into her head.

Then there's the white taxidermy rabbit who slices himself open and bleeds and re eats sawdust throughout the film. 

Then Alice turns into Chuckie's mistress every time she shrinks

And she keeps sticking her finger in strange colored jellies.....yeahh.....WTF

While this film throughly creeped me out and caused me to turn it off and watch a surprisingly less creepy Walking Dead instead, it got me thinking about how much this Lewis Carroll tale has influenced popular culture globally. It's a story almost everyone knows even vaguely and there are certainly versions that are more loved than others. It's amazing how an inanimate object like a watch or a playing card can have an entire assumed narrative from one story.

My weekly favs for the Wishlist are items that aren't Alice in Wonderland themed, but are still very much Alice.

etsy seller: yalipaz

etsy seller: IsabellePineau

etsy seller: TemporalFlux

etsy seller: Tanithsoddsandends

etsy seller: Cajsita

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  1. Cool picks!
    Thanks for including our wheelie bug :)

  2. That movie is so delightfully weird, and at least it wasn't some stupid reimagined-in-modern-day-urban-city-of-your-choice with Alice being twenty.

    Or whatever.