Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Up Close Inspiration

I went to open interviews today at Anthropologie. Aside from  the awesome 40% discount that you get at both Anthropologie AND Urban Outfitters when you work at one of their stores, it's an incredible visually inspiring store.

Sometimes window shopping is depressing and reminds me of how broke I am, but other times I feel like going to expensive stores with lush products can be an inspirational experience. My old boss Diane used to like to take trips after work to go to the mall and wander around Anthropologie getting new ideas for home decor, color palettes, and craft projects.

The one problem with working at a store like Anthropologie is all the fashionistas you will inevitably have to encounter. This super pretentious girl was there during the interview and was all "Well... umm... I don't like patterns, but I guess if someone was wearing patterns I could direct them to other patterned clothes."

Ugh. Gag me now.

Aside from people like that, I think working there would be awesome if I got the job.

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