Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Carrot Necklace

I have some new items to post over the course of the week. It's been a while since I've had something fresh to post rather than just relisting the same old stuff. Today it's my carrot necklace!

Check out my shop to see this necklace and more!

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  1. K I've been researchin' up a storm. Since I no longer have FB I'm just gonna post the links to places I might like to go/things I might like to do on here (but feel free to delete 'em since it's your etsy blog, not your I-love-Rachael-McBride blog)...

    Def Andrew Bird!

    Nom noms:

    Random stuff to do: (hope they'll have good films to see in December... time will tell)

    If we wanted to go out dancing or anything, this place looked promising: (I don't really care that much about "nightlife" though so it's whatevs)

    Rando shopping/thrifting places that looked neat:

    I was thinking as soon as I get there, we should go grocery shopping so I can stock your fridge with stuff for us to eat. In the interest of saving money, I'm down to cook/eat in a lot, but I'd still like to go to Peace o Pie once since where the fuck else will I find an all-vegan pizzeria!!!? Also we don't have to spend tons of money going out and drinking or anything like that, but it'd still be nice to explore Boston during the day. I'm down for sight-seeing, window-shopping, exploring, etc. I'd like to walk around and see some historic stuff but we don't have to do anything super-touristy since you've probably gotten enough of that by now. Also, we obv don't have to see everything from those links, I was just trying to find cool stuff that I can't do in Florida. SO EXCITED! Call me whenever to tell me if there's anything you want to do/ your plans.