Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Community Arts

I just discovered this really beautiful article through Offbeat Mama that you can read here. Here's a snippet from the article and I encourage you to read the whole thing:

 I do believe that children’s whimsy should be encouraged, and not repressed, and that any child who expresses the desire to march bravely forward into the world with her heart and imagination on her sleeve, regardless of what other people might think, should be supported in that desire. I believe this, because I believe that children who are taught that difference is okay, who are encouraged to understand that looking different or sounding different or moving different are not markers of weirdness or badness, who are encouraged to freely express their own difference, who are discouraged from ‘turning up their noses’ and judging others as ‘outcasts’ or ‘freaks’ just because they are different, I believe that in those children resides our best hope for changing the world for the better.

The sentiment in this article is exactly why I love running art programs for children. I think encouraging people of all ages (especially children) to be vulnerable and unabashedly share their creativity with the world is so important. 

I have a few events coming up at the Clayroom in Brookline! I actually have more going on than what's on this flyer, but this is just a little peak.

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