Friday, October 1, 2010

Revving Up for the Holidays

Super pumped for the holiday season! Being in close to retail as possible for whatever online jewelry sales are worth..means that I have to stay one step a head for the holidays. I used to get really annoyed when shopping malls would put out Christmas stuff wayyyyyy to early, but I get it now. You've got to start getting decorations/merchandise/marketing ready to start enticing buyers or, in my case, bulking up and preparing now so you're not stressed come mid December.

The Morose Bee got its first official package today with some Holiday inventory/supplies! Yay! I used to just buy things through my old job so I was excited to have the UPS guy show up with an actual box that said THE MOROSE BEE! Sorry the picture is so blurry, but I don't have the best lighting in apartment.

Now, a lot of my pieces are made from scratch out of clay that I've hand sculpted or handmade from a mold, but I do order pieces of bisque as well then I hand paint and hand assemble for my jewelry. You can get some really awesome items and it's much more personal than say buying pre made beads from Michael's to make jewelry with. So today I got a BUNCH of bisque that will certainly keep me busy for the next few weeks and I'm really excited for all the new jewelry I will have to offer.

Also, I got ORNAMENTS! I wrestled with the idea for a while because I didn't know how far I wanted to stray from jewelry, but I really love painting ornaments. I know that seems odd, but it was one of my favorite things to do at my old job and heck I don't care how commercialized it is...I LOVE  Christmas!

The more I get settled into Boston life, the more I'm figuring out how to find time for crafting, working, skating, and errr....sleeping and eating. Things have been really chaotic for the last month and being back into grove of things has been really nice. With the income of this shipment, I  spent several hours yesterday sorting through ALL of my  existing inventory.

It was time consuming, but it definitely paid off. There was a lot that I had that wasn't posted online so I've posted over 30 new items in the last 24 hours! Head over to The Morose Bee shop on Etsy to check it all out!

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