Friday, October 15, 2010

A Few Good Deeds

Donations are really difficult for a small business like The Morose Bee because,  if you're not even making a profit, it's hard to use valuable materials for a free product. However, I do try and give when I can.

This month I have a few (mostly) freebies for a good cause going on.

The first is the Vegan Craft Sampler. You (being the consumer) can buy sample bags full of fun vegan mystery products and the proceeds benefit animal rights organizations.

I'm featured on their blog

And the sample bags will be for sale for the holiday season!

The second is a giveaway of my bicycle necklaces for an elementary school is New Mexico in honor of their October initiative to walk or bike to school.

A little about the program from Ashleigh, the coordinator:
"Safe Routes to School is a really cool program with a goal to get kids walking and riding to school whenever and wherever possible.  
40 years ago, 1/2 of school children walked or rode their bikes to school.  Now it is estimated that 15% do. Childhood obesity has skyrocketed, school parking lots are jam packed and kids often come to school feeling sluggish. I could tell you all kinds of feel good success stories from our school just in the short time we've had the program - people who live 4 blocks from school and had never considered walking - now walking regularly.  Kids LOVE to join together as a group every week to ride their bikes from the plaza to school (I call it "Two Wheel Tuesdays") and on "Walking Wednesdays" we collect at the park and walk together.  Kids talk when they walk, their brains get extra oxygen, they take ownership of their commute and really become a part of the community.  It's pretty easy to sneak in some education in there too. (Although I also do classroom education.)  I could go on and on... I'm not sure how much you want to hear ;).  You can also check out the official website at:"

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