Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Craft of Boston

So our apartment is almost totally unpacked and organized!
Woo! Now I just have random little shit laying around. I finally have my own little (mostly...not really) organized craft area. I also got to craft for work almost my entire last shift. That wasn't weird at Go van Gogh, but now that I work at a pizza place, spending a weeks worth of shifts playing with construction paper and glue is kinda funny. So..here is my first craft project since moving to Boston..paper pizza...woo

Today I had to work at my OTHER job at the toy store...yes I have two jobs BLEH...where I have to cover all of my tattoos which is a total bummer.
Necklace from mamaslittlebabies

I decided to test out my tattoo covering make up which did not work out too well, but my boss let it slide anyway

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