Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Resolutions

All of our stuff finally came! Yay! So now there's just that whole unpacking thing... bleh. The thing is, I have A LOT OF CRAP so right now our apartment looks something like this...
We made a rule that we wouldn't get anything new or throw anything away until we were in our new apartment to see exactly what would fit and what was worth keeping. It makes sense except for how much crap I have. Poor Ari.

I think being a crafter makes you a pack rat. Over the years I've collected stamps, coins, empty Snapple bottles, bandannas, Beanie Babies, magazines, swatches of fabric, anything Hello Kitty, newspaper clippings, posters, puzzles, books, cd's, and pretty much anything else. I always have this feeling of "Well what if I can reuse this? What if I can use this in my next art project?" The end result is driving my boyfriend crazy.

The other problem is I haven't grown since middle school so I've never had a reason to get rid of perfectly good clothes because I never grow out of them and even if I did I'd probably think of a reason to keep them.

Are you starting to see my problem here?

Thus in honor of September 1st, I am making a new goal:


It's sort of like a pre New Years resolution, but I think 4 months is a good time frame to stop bringing in anything new and sort out what I have. There are some obvious exceptions to this rule like:
-household cleaning products
-subway passes

other things of that nature, but no

-craft supplies (other than what is strictly for The Morose Bee)
-other misc useless crap

I feel very blessed to have led such an abundant lifestyle thus far, but this is madness

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