Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First days in Boston

Well...I'm in Boston!!!!!
Ari CLAIMS the weather report for Boston last week was sunny with a high of 80 which means we mainly packed shorts and t-shirts. So far it's been pouring rain every single day with a high of 60. This has been my vision pretty much everyday. Not awesome.
It also means I haven't been taken pictures of anything because I don't want to pull out my camera in the pouring rain. We had an umbrella, but wind pretty much demolished it instantly. Our moving truck wont be here until Saturday so I'm writing from the cold tile floor of our empty apartment, but hey...we have INTERWEBS! And cable. I haven't had full on cable in a while. Truth is we probably can't afford it, but it's wonderful anyway.

I am so sick of having wet feet and being cold from lack of proper clothing that I'm practically salivating over the thought of rain boots. Although I can't really justify spending money on new clothes when I have a 50 foot semi on it's way to our apartment with all of my boots and jackets.

I feel like this constantly

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  1. I can't help but look at that Paul Revere picture and giggle in an immature-omg he's naughtily spanking a horse!-kind of way.