Sunday, July 11, 2010

Travel Wishlist

The one thing I hate about traveling (aside from being so behind on everything when I come home) is being stuck in a car for such extended periods of time. In general, I hate driving. I have a 35 minute commute to work everyday and I hate it. Plus I have to pee every 5 minutes because I seem to have the worlds tiniest bladder so I always make trips fun for everyone else. Needless to say I'm pretty glad to be home. For this weeks long overdue edition of the Weekly Wishlist, I've picked out a few items that would have made being stuck in a car from Florida to Massachusetts and back again much more enjoyable.
etsy user: doodlebugsfunfashions
etsy user: sygnetcreationsWell the first two are self explanatory, I think. Sleeping in a car is quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable activities aside from maybe sleeping on an airplane. I woke up on more than one occasion in a grumpy mood with a stiff neck. We brought a regular pillow but it just doesn't do the justice of a neck pillow and man-oh-man am I mad I didn't bring an eye mask.

etsy user: anotherjamiedavis
I have a strict rule about travel luggage. I take one bag and I can only take what fits in the bag. Clothes, toiletries, they've all got to fit or they don't go no matter how long the trip. This carry case by anotherjamiedavis is so awesome! Plus the sturdy exterior is great for getting knocked around and squished between the luggage of others.

etsy user: naturescubbyholeI'm more of a reader than a writer on the road, but sometimes the best time to jot down some jewelry ideas, do a little financial planning, or even just doodle is when you've got 3 hours to kill stuck in New Jersey traffic trying to get to the New York state line. And who can beat a hemp journal made with recycle rubber and a biodegradable pen?! Hello.

etsy user: applewarepottery
I always carry a canteen with me so I won't waste any water bottles, but I'm also a coffee drinker as well. Pair that with my love of anything nautical and this travel is pretty much perfect for me. We saw more hand-thrown pottery while driving through North Carolina than I can shake a stick at so I'm drawn to the feel of this verses my metal water bottle.

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  1. What fun. Makes me want to take a vacation right now!