Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekly Wishlist

I'm officially changing the title of this little segment to the Weekly Wishlist. I still can't figure out what it is with me and Wednesdays, but the Wednesday Wishlist just isn't happening. It could having something to do with being up all night catching up on season 2 of True Blood!!!
Nicole and I are determined to watch it all before season 3 starts on June 13th. Considering we both work every day and I normally only have the energy to stay up for 1 or 2 episodes after dinner, we're pushing it.

It's been so hot out already and barely feels like summer has started. Everyday when I get up and get dressed all I think is "What can I wear to work that will make me sweat and stink the least?" Gotta love Florida. It also doesn't help that my job involves working around 2 hot kilns. If I could wear bathing suits to work every day, I totally would.

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Oh so remember that Gainesville craft show from the other weekend? The one that didn't really have anyone show up to it? Well, my friend Rachael just sent me a photo from the event:

Pretty bad huh? Literally no one there.

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