Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Finds

So I made another treasury and I'm quite fond of this one.

I've also discovered two new Etsy shops with I am in LOVE with. They're the kind of shops that really make me wish I wasn't so damn tight on money. The first shop is leemeszaros which makes merit badges for silly and wonderful reasons.

Like for being busy as a beaverOr being just my typeOr for doing it like rabbits
I feel some intense early holiday gift shopping coming on in my very near future. There are a few I would like to get for Ari but he would never do anything with them. I just want a whole jacket covered with them.

My other new favorite is kharaledonne which sells hand painted lockets and I want like 10 of them so I can wear them all at once.

I love finding new and exciting shops on Etsy that sell original products. Sometimes it feels like everyone is selling all of the same things. I try to make my shop unique and think of fun and exciting jewelry that no one else is making although when I think of any idea it's usually already somewhere in Etsyland.

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