Friday, June 11, 2010


I finally have a little sanity! Time to craft and blog and just relax. It's glorious. I never realize how much I appreciate even an hour of free time until I'm working 12 hours a day at my summer camp day job chasing after 30 kids.

In the chaos of it all I did manage to post a few new jewelry items:
All of these items come in sets and have other pieces to them that I am very excited about posting this weekend. As for now my back, feet, and brain are feeling severely beaten and abused. It's only appropriate that this week's Weekly Wishlist is composed of lovely relaxation related products that my aching body could so desperately use right now.

Can you friggin believe this porch swing bed by Etsy seller timlaursen???? Apartment life prevents me from owning anything so wonderful, but I want to curl up on this magnificent piece of furniture with a fruity cocktail and never get up again.
Buying soaps on the internet makes me a little nervous because I am very particular about smells, but I love a good luxurious bath. Lush is probably my all time favorite store. I could stand there and smell everything all day long. There are a ton of Etsy soap sellers and I definitely need to take the plunge and test out some soaps from a few of them.
Slice of Carrot Cake soap by Etsy seller: sunbasegarden

The floor of my work studio is nothing but concrete and my poor feet are just dead by the end of the day. I see products from Etsy seller hydraheart all over the place and I would really love to have their oh so comfy looking slippers to come home to.
Umm.....I MUST HAVE THIS NOW. My eyes nearly jumped out of my skull when this lovely little morsel by Etsy seller newenglandcandyco popped up on my screen. As a vegan, most of the popular candies are off limits and I love any opportunity to indulge. This is one wishlist item I might need to purchase now.

You may have notice I've changed the blog layout a bit. Hopefully I will be able to slowly turn this blog into something respectable that people will enjoy reading. The layout and color scheme have been bothering me for a while and I finally had a chance to fiddle around with it a bit. It's much easier on the eyes to say the least.

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  1. hee!hee! Thanks for letting me know so I could come visit your blog. That porch swing does look wonderful! I want one of those, and those slippers too. I will be back, your blog is so cute.