Friday, May 7, 2010

Zombies and Sweat

Just posted this new Night of the Living Ring Holder zombie hand jewelry display! I made something just like this as a Christmas gift for my friend Rachael and I just thought it was too awesome to not make more of them. It's nice to get a break from posting the same ol' types of jewelry too.

In other news, it's once again getting hot as bawlzzz here in Florida. I've been clearing out all of my boots as well as any clothing item made out of any type of even slightly thick fabric. The weird part is, we're slowly but surely getting ready for our big move to Boston (yay!) where I will be freezing my butt off for most of the year and I have ZERO real winter weather clothes. So, while I'm sweating to death all summer, I'll also be shopping for pants, jackets, and gloves. Right now I'm so in love with this jacket from rococovintage. If not for the $145 price tag I would have purchased it already. I'm biding my time, but, unless some other more affluent shopper comes along in the next 2 weeks, IT WILL BE MINE!

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