Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have some new vintage items to post throughout this week which I am very excited about because my vintage finds section has been less than exciting. Today I posted this great prom dress from the 50's/60's and it's got me in vintage overdrive. I've spent almost all day searching Etsy's Vintage Section for high waisted shorts,

rompers in hideous prints, and old leather oxfords.It's like streamlined thrifting, but with higher prices. It's kind of funny to think that I would sell my vintage clothes only to turn around and buy other vintage clothes, but I guess that whole trash vs treasure thing is true.

So during all of my hunting and clicking and oogling away I realized something... PEOPLE ARE POSTING ITEMS FROM THE EARLY 90'S AS VINTAGE. "Grunge" fashion is now considered a sub-category of vintage. This, of course led to a near breakdown where I felt as though I practically have one foot in the grave. And to make it all even worse, pleople are actually trying to sell cut off Wranglers for like THIRTY FREAKING DOLLARS. I will give you a quarter for that crap at a garage sale. Geeze. I guess vintage means price gouge the crap out of everything from your mom's worst dressed list.

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  1. If 90's is vintage I think it's time for us to check in to an old folks home o.O