Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Up and Down Weekend

Well.... the craft show I was supposed to do this past weekend was a total bust. There were hardly any people there. All of my friends who live in Gainesville said they hadn't even heard there was a craft show going on until I told them. Most of the vendors were pissed and there was lots of drama with police and just blehhhh. Needless to say I have no photos or exciting things to report about any of that.

So I left the Gainesville Art and Craft show sweaty and frustrated and decided to spend the rest of the weekend doing awesome things instead! What followed was a day at the beach resulting in a horribly awkward sunburn despite having applied sunscreen multiple times. In the photo above you can see that the inside of my legs are totally mutilated while the rest of my legs are fine. What gives, body?

But we finished the night up with roller derby. Yes. ROLLER DERBY. I've seen Whip It and thought it was awesome, but in real life in it's even better. When things are glorified in a movie, it's easy to be overwhelmed. Seeing it play out in real life made me want to join a Roller Derby team soooo bad. You can't do it until you're 21 plus I'm moving to Boston, but I'm moving in August, I turn 21 in October, and then try outs are normally in November. Friggin perfect timing to have a few months of practicing. During my 5 hour drive home, I have a lot of time to think and be by myself, so I spent most yesterday thinking about roller derby and really getting pumped about it. By the time I got home I was so excited about it that Ari and I went to Sports Authority and I bought myself a cheap-o pair of skates to start practicing. With my ankles being so darn burned up, I won't be able to start practicing for a few days though.

Anyways, in more Etsy related news, here is a treasury that I was featured in! Click the photo to be linked to the actually treasury.
Here's a fun little bacon treasury that I made. Click the photo to be linked to the treasury.

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  1. You should definitely try out for Boston! Not only are they some of the coolest, nicest, best people on the planet---their after parties are legendary and they always bring it to the dancefloor.