Thursday, May 27, 2010


OH MY GOODNESS! Yesterday was Wednesday and I didn't do a Wednesday Wishlist! I think I've been really distracted by this whole roller derby thing. I've been trying to make time in the morning to practice skating and that's my normal Morose Bee time.

I guess it's only appropriate that I do a derby themed wishlist today. The first thing I really need are some proper derby skates, but it's always fun to look a accessories.

etsy seller: tamarakraft

Custom booty shorts from Etsy seller hotacrossbuns. you could get your derby name, number, or something to the effect of "eat my dust" on your bum. and lemme tell you, there were some nice tushies at the bout on Sunday. etsy seller: mulfordarts
skate guards from etsy seller babybitch. i saw a youtube video that said you should use duct tape on your skates to protect the toes and laces, but i think these are much cuter. i'm definitely going to get some when i get proper skates.

etsy seller: rocksandrollesdesigns
get it? it's a derby team line up on a necklace. genius!

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  1. Haha. That button is amazing. I think those skates are amazing as well. They kind of make me wish I knew how to skate without falling on my butt instantly.