Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet Inspiration

I may have mentioned that my friend Nicole moved in with us a few weeks ago and it's been so awesome. Whenever I'm feeling creative, Ari's response is usually "that's cool" whereas Nicole's response is normally something that undoubtedly will lead to a mini adventure. Although yesterday we took out the trash and called a trash-adventure or "traventure" if you will. I took this picture of the coffee table last night of Nicole's Polaroids and my mustaches in progress. It's like a little craft portrait of the current state of our apartment life. I love it!

It's easy to feel more productive and inspired if you have another creative person to brainstorm with.Which leads me into the first Internet Inspiration segment I've had in a while.

This last one is the CUTEST blog in the whole entire world. It's about this guy Jim who blogs about making pancakes for his daughter, but they are super awesome pancakes in the shape of architecture, animals, or other crazy foods. click the photo to check out his website.

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