Thursday, May 6, 2010

Emerging from my Nyquil Coma

New items posted this morning! WOO! I've been excited about finally get these tea pot rings up. I have 4 tea pot colors of which 2 are posted so far and I also plan on adding granny smith apple rings as well.

Well I still have yet to figure out what is wrong with me. I've tried nicotine, caffeine, carbohydrates, excedrin migraine, a long warm bath, a head rub, a back rub, and a good night's rest-- all which are things that normally help me shake a headache and general BLEH feelings --and I still feel like crap.

In other slightly more interesting news, The Morose Bee jewelry is now available for purchase at Queen City Emporium in Springfield, MO!!! Their grand opening is this weekend and my items arrived this morning!


  1. Love that teapot ring! So cute.
    And congrats on Queen City Emporium! Wow, that's great!