Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

Tonight my boyfriend is seeing Weezer for free. I had to work late. Tomorrow my boyfriend is going out to a hookah lounge with friends and family and I'm going to be working late. Friday my boyfriend is going to be going to a game night with family and I am going to be working late. ::Huge Depressed Sigh:: Having to rely on the daily bump and grind of working your butt off for nothing at a day job kinda sucks sometimes.

Well.... on to look at pretty things that I can't afford to make me feel better for today's Wednesday Wishlist

So I'm really digging the graphic t-shirt with floral skirt look right now. It's an easy way to be comfy and all sorts of trendy at the same time. Etsy seller SquidInkKollective has the most hilarious narwhal shirts and I have a pretty big soft spot for narwhals and narwhal related things. All of my non narwhal t-shirt picks are from Threadless and all of my skirt picks for today are from Modcloth.

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