Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist

I've decided to start a new segment titled "Wednesday Wishlist." It will be a weekly posting (on Wednesdays o'course) featuring items from some of my favorite Etsy sellers, designers, boutiques, or any item that I demand be purchased and sent to me right away! know...if you want to. It won't be so much a "featured seller" post or like my "internet inspiration" segment, just more of a collection of amazing fashion and housewares finds that can be purchased right here through my blog on ye olde internet.

Today I'm going to start with some of favorite items on Etsy

The first is a Tattooed Lady Doll from Etsy seller mck254. I don't know what it is about rag dolls, but I just love them. I've always had stuffed animals and was the biggest Beanie Baby freak when I was little. I think I just enjoyed the idea of collecting little friends. This tattooed doll just speaks to the ink addicted little freak inside of me.

I believe I've declared my love
of Moo
cards on here before, but, just i
ncase, I LOVE MOO CARDS! Especially the half cards. They're just so darn cute
and perfect for including in ship outs. They're more expensive that regular business cards, but I get so many compliments on them I can't not order them. So, OF COURSE, I love this necklace from Etsy seller 3squares. It holds your Moo cards for you so you have a handy way to have them with you pass out because you never know when a business networking opportunity is going go down.

So when I move to Boston (much blogging to be done about that lovely subject) in August, I will need to bulk up on an insane amount of warm clothes. I have a few boots, one heavy coat, and a handful of scarves. I am going to be f'd in a major way. One thing I can't wait to purchase is a fake animal fur scarf from Etsy seller celapiu. It's so cheeky, I love it! They have several different animal varieties.

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