Friday, April 30, 2010

The Uniform Project

Uniform Project Picture Book from The Uniform Project on Vimeo.

I found this video on the Modcloth blog and I thought it was so inspiring. Without totally copying their blog, basically this girl wore the same dress for 365 and jazzed it up each day with donated/thrift items. She used the whole thing as a way to raise money for school children in India. It's the most awesome and creative way I've ever seen one person raise money for a cause. Plus it supports sustainable fashion!

I would love to do a 365 day project like this. Although with moving to Boston, now is probably the worst time to start. Maybe as a New Years Resolution for 2011? Use it as a way to raise money for charity using a white t-shirt for 365 days while showcasing sustainable Etsy artisans with the accessories I wear....OR something... I'm really just rambling at this point.

Either way, The Uniform Project was friggin sweet.

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