Monday, April 5, 2010

First Craft Show

I have my first craft show next week April 17-18th and I am panicking about my booth decorations. You'd think I'd be nervous about getting my jewelry in order, but I'm pretty confident with my product. I guess I'm worried that if my booth isn't well organized and pretty to look at then no one will stop to even look at my jewelry. I thought my product and how I have gnomes, tea cups, cakes, whales, bicycles, ice cream, and other whimsy things and I thought a garden party oriented booth would be best. The whole country is coming down off an Alice in Wonderland high and I thought lanterns and moss and mushrooms would be current as well as applicable to my jewelry. Soo..... how do I get a fabulous looking booth together in a week and a half with no money?

Today I scoped out Goodwill, Michael's, and Target and found some cheap lanterns, over sized mason jars, some decorative dishes from Liberty of London, and some pretty dried flowers. I also got some ceramic toadstools and frogs to make a little gnome necklace display.

Considering money is tight, I had to stop making purchases for the day, but there are so many decorative elements I still want! Like a funky vintage chess board/table to display my chess piece jewelry, apothecary jars filled with moss, tissue pom poms, funky tea cups to use as displays, giant old books to use for elevation and display. For your viewing pleasure, I have created Emily's Visual Wishlist.

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