Tuesday, April 20, 2010

First Craft Show Recap

WHEW! First craft show is over and I've gotta admit...it was a bit of a flop. It was the Bradford County Strawberry Festival in Starke, Fl which explains a lot. If you've never heard of Starke, which you probably haven't, it's well....how can I put this lightly....well it's pretty much the reason every other country hates America. Most people were wearing camouflage, had confederate flag tattoos, were missing several teeth, and have probably not shopped anywhere expect Wal-Mart in their entire lives. Yeah... not exactly my demographic. Now you might be asking yourself "Then WHY for the love of all that is holy did you participate in that festival?" Well, the vendor fees were cheap, it was right by my parents house so I have a free place to stay, it coincided with my step-dad's birthday, I figured it would be a good practice run with no pressure, and I did end up making enough sales to cover the booth fee. So maybe not a total flop. So as for my booth...
Not bad, eh? I hope by my next craft show to have enough jewelry to fill two tables instead of one. I think the tent looks a little lonely with just one table. I was also quite happy with the pom poms. I received several compliments about them and a few people even asked if I was selling them so, for the next festival I think I'll bring a few extras with me in case people really do want to purchase them. Note: have sweet decorations and try and sell those too!

I was not happy with the rings on rolls of fabric. It makes a nice display, but everyone thought they were flutes. No REALLY. People saw them and thought I was a flute vendor. Plus it makes it difficult for people who want to try on your jewelry. They had to awkwardly take the rings off and had a hard time putting them back on. Next time I'll just have a little ring tray.

Well the good news is all of my left over jewelry is slowly making its way onto my Etsy shop so go check it out!

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