Saturday, March 13, 2010

oh saturday

very rarely do i actually get the chance to go out and have a normal casual Saturday. i'm a busy person who works all of the time, but i jump started my weekend with an etsy convo from a boutique opening next weekend in san jose california called eni thing. they're interested in having 20 of my items on consignment in their store and i am SO FRICKIN EXCITED about the fact that someone liked my jewelry enough to ask me to send them 20 pieces of it for their store. you can check out their website here.
THEN i went with my bff kaleigh to this house were some dude that was shady as all hell was selling bicycles. His pad was pretty sketchy and was decorated with armless lawn jockeys and mannequins that looked like rape victims, but he did have some nice bikes at killer prices. if anyone lives in south florida, this guy lives at...I THINK.... 5621 west broward blvd and has some pretty sweet rides. if i wasnt moving in august and trying cut down on posessions i'm going to have to haul across the country i totally would have bought a bike.

I ended my day cruising around nature reserves with ari checking out wildlife and enjoying the beautiful day. for the most part the places we went were overrun with old people with fancy cameras behaving as if they were capturing some rare shot out in the deepest darkest reaches of the amazon, but i only let it frustrate me a little. meanwhile i snapped some photos of cute little swamp friends here and there and was only slightly bummed i remember my camera but forgot a memory card.

My favorite part of the day is when we stopped at 7-11 on the way home and i saw this... it's the best thing i've seen in a while and that kid is too legit to quit. talk about a celebrity stache. i guess it goes without saying that not a whole lot of crafting went on the today, but NEVER FEAR! new items will be arriving on monday. the wario stache i promised will follow not long after.

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