Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Always a Step Behind

So I feel like I'm always saying things like "MORE JEWELRY ON THE WAY!" rather than "hey guys check out all my new stuff!" but it's true! I have a huge pile of items in my living room that just need one last jump ring or a clasp or a something that I'm anxiously waiting to finally arrive in the mail for one of my suppliers. i can hand sculpt the clay pendants all day, but the hardware bits and pieces are killing me. it would probably be in my best interest to find a local bead store so I don't have to do this waiting game, but then I'd probably spend too much money.

Butttt....GOOD NEWS... I finally got some gnomes in the kiln and they are very cute. I should have more jewelry than I have time to write descriptions for ready to go by this time next week.

It's been a while since I've done a celebrity stache, but I think I'm ready for something new... drumroll please.....

my next victim for celebrity stache will be
I have the Mario stache in my store already so I think WARIO is the way to go next. I'll let ya know when it's done :]

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