Monday, February 22, 2010

Picking Through Some Old Crap

Soooo my friend Nicole gave me this neat-o mini Radio Flyer that I turned into a necklace which made me really excited for this weekend when iI go back to Gainesville because of......drumroll please................... THE WALDO FLEA MARKET!!! aka the most kick ass place ever. Nicole described it as the best place to find "a mix of toothless old women selling boiled peanuts and hipster kids looking for a good bargain." i'm really hoping to find some great charms, old jewelry, brooches, toys, or whatever can make some really great pieces. I really hope the trip will be a lot of fun with my morose bee friendscicle Brandon as well as lead to some great jewelry.
In other news, I've been watching LA Ink all day and all I can think about is that 6 tattoos is not enough! My next tattoo is going to be a half sleeve of a hot air balloon with an anchor kind of like the Modest Mouse artwork. I really love this balloon necklace from etsy seller mamaslittlebabies and I want it to look just like that but with an anchor.
I can't get any more any time soon, but this is torture.

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