Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Losing Hope in Humanity

Valentine's Day Weekend is over and I am SO relieved! Not that I didn't have a nice Valentine's Day consisting of a 4 hour nap, flowers (seen right), and sushi made by Ari, but this weekend I was supposed to teacher a sculpture class at an art festival. What I've come to realize over the last few years is that most people insist that they are not creative. They are so afraid to become vulnerable that they refuse to ever produce anything themselves. They were all just at the art festival to purchase other people's art. Now, as an Etsy seller, I can fully appreciate the importance of people wanting/needing to buy art from others, but the pure terror that runs through people when they are approached by a purple haired girl asking them if they would like to take an art class just blows my mind. Children, on the other hand, can't wait to get their hands dirty. They are so excited by the idea of someone offering them a lump of clay or a blank canvas and paints. There is no fear. What happens between childhood and adulthood that makes everyone so afraid of paint, clay, glaze, color? At what point does society start getting the creativity beaten out of them?

So in the off time when snooty Palm Beach County folks were turning their noses up at us, Ellie and I made this little man. She got bored and starting sculpting the face, then I added all of the bugs to his head. I think he's a pretty cool dude.

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