Monday, February 8, 2010

Le Barbe Bleue

So for some good news and some bad news...

First, the good news... Titty Talk necklaces are back! When I first posted them, they were so popular I couldn't keep up with the first round of custom order requests I received, but I finished the orders and now have some more to post just for fun! Here they are

As for the bad news.... I am going to have to raise my prices by a hair. I wanted to keep everything low when my store first opened to attract buyers and start making sales, but I am now quickly realizing that I cannot justify the time I spend handcrafting each item without raising my prices by a few dollars. I have decided that I will begin the new pricing system after Valentine's Day.

Back to the fun stuff! Today's celebrity stache comes from the French folktale Le Barbe Bleue aka Bluebeard. I have made large, medium, and small sizes...just try not to kill all of your wives while you're wearing them. I am definitely going to be offering more facial hair related items aside from mustaches over the next few weeks. Plus I think the little beards make cute little pendants all on their own.
I will be posting these later today on my store

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